Wholesale tea

‘Wholesale tea for trade’

Serve a perfect cup of tea every time. Buy premium tea in bulk.

Let us give you confidence to share our teas and to explore this fascinating world. Tea is all about creating small moments in your day for reflection, for unwinding, for comfort, for sharing with friends..it is so much more than just a drink.

Please get in touch and let us know your requirements - the type of tea, quantity and grade you are looking for. It's a difficult choice - we can help you choose the right loose leaf tea for your business. We can supply tea to cafes, shops, delicatessen and restaurants as well as selling tea online.

We may also be able to help with teaware to serve our teas - including glass teapots with infusers and double walled tea glasses which show off the beautiful colours of the teas so well.

Tea for cafes, shops, delicatessen and resataurants

If you are interested in planting and growing a tea garden and making your own tea - please do get in touch, it is a unique thing to do and we are working with several tea growing groups in UK and have tea plants for sale.